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Permanent Cosmetic Training is $3,500 for five days of advanced accelerated training, which includes machine, permanent cosmetic school book, and use of all supplies, pigments, practice pads, and papers. Private one on one personalized training just for you at your own pace. Learn expert techniques taught by Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner April Sampson. This is an intense accelerated program to prepare you to be able to start working on clients immediately after you graduate. Unlike other schools who teach two or more at a time learning only basic techniques, never allowing you to completely start and finish each procedure on a model by yourself because you each take turns. You never get the experience, knowledge or confidence you need to completely start and finish each procedure from beginning to end like a real client. Then they want you to come back and pay for more training. Not here at Orange County Permanent Makeup, you will be trained and certified as a Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner to perform the following procedures:

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyelash Enhancement Top & Bottom

Eyeliner Top & Bottom

Lip Liner

Blended Lip Liner

Full Lip Color

Beauty Marks/Moles

Advanced Classes for the 6th & 7th day

$500 3-D Eyebrow Hair Stroke Method with digital machine

$500 Areola Pigmentation
$500 Scar/Skin Camouflage
$500 Scar Needling and Releasing

$500 Skin Needling with a hand held roller

$500 Permanent Cosmetic Removal

$500 Color Correcting

$500 Scalp Pigmentation

$500 Micro Derma Needling with a derma needling machine

$500 Micro Blading with a hand held tool

Day 1

Health Department Laws and Regulations
Bloodborne Pathogens Certification Course

Register as a Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner

Register your facility

How to pass a Practitioner inspection & Facility inspection

Practitioner dress code

Practitioner laws and regulations

Facility laws and regulations

All legal requirements and paperwork from the state, city and local county health department

Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics
Getting to know your book

Pigments verses Body Ink
Tattoo machines verses Permanent Cosmetic machines and hand held tools

Learn how to set up, assemble and use your machine

Day 2

Skin Anatomy
Composition/layers; healing process of skin and its aftercare
Skin layers and where to deposit color for long lasting results or short lasting results

Long lasting downtime results verses short lasting no downtime results

Learn where the Dermis & Epidermis is located

Needle Selection
Appropriate needle selection and size for applications, i.e., groups, numbers and configurations
Different needles depth and angel . Going into the dermis verses epidermis
How to check for damage; proper disposal method for Health Department requirements

Day 3

Procedure Experience
Review issues and discuss how to achieve facial symmetry
Work on skin like facial molds and fruit
Observe procedures

Hands-on procedures with verbal instruction and demonstration

Medical History/Client Information Form
Health Department Required Forms discussion

Learn what to look for on medical history forms

Consent Forms
Health Department Consent Forms discussion

Learn what to put on consent forms to protect yourself from being sued

Learn what to put on forms to prevent charge backs

Client expectation and reality
Discussion with clients about their permanent cosmetics goal’s

Have them bring in their pencils for color

Have them show you an example of a design they like

Day 4

Procedure Room Set-Up & Tray Set-Up and Tear Down
How to set up your procedure tray & what you will need

How to properly tear down procedure tray with Health Board Regulations
Learn how to properly put on and take off gloves

How to dispose and clean before & after procedure

Client Preparation & Documentation
Pre-procedure care; preparing the client's skin; ways of marking the skin for a map of design

Measure to make sure they are even, show client their high and low side
Anesthetics before and during the procedure for client comfort

How to document needles sizes and pigment colors used plus client notes

Photo documentation

Day 5

Color and Pigment Theory
Learn cool verses warm colors

Learn pigment colors and how to choose the right one

Mixing colors and custom blending for a perfect match
Discussion of skin undertones can change pigment color

Before and After Procedure Photos
The importance of before and after photo evidence
Before and after photo presentations

How to take photos

How to show the client their high and low side

saphire pro

This stainless steel rotary tattoo machine is easy to use and assemble. New features for the Sapphire PRO include an optional foot pedal controller and multi-speed control. In the convenient Sapphire PRO kit, you will receive everything you need to start performing procedures right away:

• Sapphire PRO Hand Piece Device
• Power Cord
• Lubricating Mineral Oil
• Single Needles
• 2 Couplers
• 5 Tips
• 2 Disposable Casings
• 1 Autoclavable Casing

• Complies with sterilization guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control
• Patented “3E” Combo Needle
• Disposable Needle Chamber
• Disposable Autoclavable Casing
• Disposable Combo Coupler
• Disposable Machine Tip
• Powerful Motor for permanent makeup and paramedical procedures
• State-of-the-Art design
• Elegance with ease in handling
• High-Tech efficient performance
• Extra Long “3E” design combo needle
• Oustanding workmanship
• Multi-needle groups available in cluster (round) and shader (flat) needles up to eight prongs

3E Combo Needle

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