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Cosmetic Micropigmentation Procedures


Eyebrows that are too light, too thin, sparse or non-existent can be beautifully enhanced and restored. Eyebrows frame the eyes and give the face expression and youth.


Defines the beauty of the eyes by giving them shape and definition making the eyes more prominent. You can have a natural or a more dramatic thicker look.

Eyelash Enhancement

Is a beautiful and natural look for the eyelash line giving eyelashes the appearance of looking thicker, fuller and darker. This enhances the beauty of the eyes making them stand out and be more noticeable. This also completes the look of eyeliner making eyelashes look as though they had on mascara.

Lip Liner

Is perfect for achieving a well defined lip line or correcting any imperfections, giving the appearance of even shaped lips. You can have a lip liner that is thin, thick or blended.

Lip Color

Makes lips appear symmetrically shaped, giving the appearance of younger, fuller more youthful lips. Color can be soft and natural looking or more bold and prominent.

Full Face

Consists of eyebrows, eyeliner, lash enhancement and lip color. This allows your features to always look enhanced and always look your best.

Permanent Makeup Removal and Correction

Removal and correction can be done on Permanent Makeup patients that have undesired results due to unskilled technician.. The process can invole correcting the shape, color or removing color with a pigment lightner.

Medical Micropigmentation Procedures

Alopecia/Chemo Makeover

Permanent makeup can be used to help restore features that are lost during chemotherapy treatments by creating an illusion of hair enhancing the eyebrow and eyelash area. This procedure will help you look as if you still have hair.

Areola Pigmentation

Is used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the areola that have scars are too light, too small, uneven, or non-existent. Used for breast reconstruction and mastectomy patients.


Vitiligo, Scars or Burns, can be camouflaged by applying color to the depigmented areas to blend in with the rest of their natural skin tone, making it less noticeable.

Hair Simulation

Individual hair strokes are applied to the scalp or face creating an illusion of hair. Used for hair loss, thinning hair, scars and for people with alopecia.

Skin Needling

Is a specific well-designed application to help create supple skin texture. This is primarily used to "plump" up the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips.

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